Hotel Design as Thesis

Hotel is a type of building which has a never-ending prospect and future.
Hotel is like a 'soft-machine of hospitality'. It's tough to archive the proper level of functionality in detail in hotel projects.
Designing the back and front house facilities and services properly is very important in this regard.

Ruebl_RAF is going to do a project as his undergrad architecture thesis on a 5 star hotel designing in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We are expecting some threads regarding this issue in ArchSociety forum from him soon.

He may initially follow some good examples of hotels designed by one of the architecture guru of subcontinent Architect Geoffrey Bawa. Here are some images of Geoffrey Bawa hotel and resort projects:
Light House Hotel and Spa----Cube Villa by Geoffrey Bawa
Light House Hotel and Spa -------------------Cube Villa interior (Geoffrey Bawa).

Blue Water Hotel by Geoffrey Bawa----
Blue Water Hotel by Geoffrey Bawa

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